Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Cracks Can Be The Cause or Warning
of Future Problems
Foundation Crack Repair

If you have horizontal or vertical cracks in your basement walls, it is a sign of big trouble or trouble to come. These cracks are caused by shifting foundations or hydrostatic pressure on the walls. Vertical racks can be repaired relatively simply to prevent water leaking through, horizontal cracks can mean major problems.

Installation process

Crack repair is either performed from the inside or outside of the wall. Repair from the outside involves digging down to below the bottom of the crack, and sealing the outside of the wall with hydrolic cement and coating the area with a high pressure membrane. This is usually done in conjunction with connection to an existing interior french drain. The hole is back-filled with gravel to allow the water to move down the wall and into the french drain quicker, alleviating the pressure on the wall. This method is very effective however, it depends on existing or new french drains (which can drive up cost).

The interior method is more cost effective and involves opening the crack at the surface, creating a “v” groove and drilling multiple holes in the crack. Special injection pins are inserted where we can fill the wall with an epoxy resin to fill the block and crack from the outside, preventing undue pressure on the final sealant. Once cured, the epoxy is coated with a layer of hydraulic cement giving you a strong, water-tight seal.