Sump Pump Replacement

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Sump Pump Replacement

Replacing your sump pump is a relatively painless process. Before replacing your pump, our technicians will do a quick check to see if your pump is still salvageable. If your pump is more than 7 years old and hasn’t been maintained, we will probably recommend a replacement.

Installation process

For a typical sump pump replacement we install either a 1/3 HP or 1/2 HP cast iron submersible sump pump, size will be dependent on several factors, but most importantly how much water is being fed to the pit. When the technician arrives, he will remove your existing pump and check the discharge line for cracks, leaks and insure it is mounted properly and the penetration is sealed properly. We then install the sump pump, level it, set it at the proper height for your water table and insure that it is centered in the pit (more important in a small pit to insure the float can move freely). From there, we will install new Schedule 40 PVC and a new check valve.

After allowing the welds to set, we will do a bucket test to make sure everything is tight and operational.

This process is slightly different and a little more complicated if a backup system is included. Installation of a secondary pump, battery backup sump pump or a water driven backup makes the installation a little more difficult. There is a little more work making sure the pumps are aligned, set at the proper heights and the floats are free to move and operate as the water level rises.

Backup solutions

Depending on your situation, you should consider whether you are going to require a backup solution.

A backup pump is necessary if your primary sump pump fails, electric goes out or you get large quantities of water that a single pump cannot handle. We offer several models that come with a backup battery, which means you can continue to operate your sump pump even if there’s no power. When a generator is available, we prefer to add an additional electric pump, as they are less expensive and more efficient. The battery backup units include an automatic battery trickle charger and notification panel, which charges the battery until it reaches its full capacity.