Why Choose Sump Pump Gurus?

We Are Your Bethlehem Local Pump Experts

Unlike traditional plumbers, Sump Pump Gurus specialize in sump pumps, sewage pumps and well pumps. Our technicians are well versed in pump operation and repair. Our decision to specialize gives us the opportunity to stock what we need for almost every job and keep us running efficiently. Additionally, because we are doing essentially the same work every day, our techs can be prepared with the proper equipment, and have the knowledge to resolve 90% of the issues that may arise in any installation.

Emergency or Scheduled Service

No Nonsense Guarantee

Included with all of our quality installs

We are so sure of the quality of our craftsmanship and the quality of the products we use, that we provide a 5 year Parts & Labor Guarantee. All of our products have been carefully selected and are sourced directly from the manufacturer.  This insures you have the highest quality, not the cheaper units sold in the big box stores, giving us the ability to know that our installations are going to last.

5 Year No Nonsense Warranty

Applies to all products professionally installed by Sump Pump Gurus or their authorized technician. Warranty covers normal usage, wear and tear, when used for the application it was intended. Warranty DOES NOT cover iron bacteria, or improper items flushed into a sewage pump.